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Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions.

China Minibus Hire in London maintains any vehicle it uses to a very high standard. They are serviced in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and safety inspected every 10 weeks. Should the vehicle fail mechanically then China Minibus cannot be held responsible for any financial losses incurred by the hirer.

Deposits may be asked for and can be paid using the Paypal link. Deposits are non-returnable except if a substitute booking can be arranged by China Minibus Hire in London.

No food or drink is to be consumed on any vehicle operated by China Minibus Hire in London. The exception would be water in plastic bottles and food necessary for medical reasons.

Should any "illness" occur on the vehicle due to alcohol, then a cleanup charge of £75 is to be paid immediately the incident occurs. The driver reserves the right to stop the journey until such time as payment is made. The driver has the right to deny access to the vehicle if, in his opinion, a passenger is unfit to travel.

I have read the China Minibus Hire in London Terms & Conditions taking special interest in any charges that may occur.


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